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Written by Marc Gamble on May 18th, 2009

Web 2.0 Site Upgrade / Re-design





Surely You'd Agree…

"The Internet has made it apparent that a business' website is an increasingly important asset, and many companies are now embarking on website redesign projects to 'ENHANCE' and 'MODERNIZE' their websites."

Ask Yourself…

extensions321 "How OLD Is My Business Website?" 
extensions321 "Is It Contributing To My Monthly CASH-FLOW 

The Bottom-line…

extensions321 "Should I MODERNIZE my website so it becomes 
   a Revenue Producing system for my business?"

The Reality…

extensions321 Every business should (and could) be using the 
     Web to generate more new and repeat customers
     as well as directly increase your revenue and 

extensions321 Obviously, your business doesn't have to be an 
     Amazon, Ebay, or to make money 

extensions321 This is especially true if you own or operate a 
      local, brick-n-mortar style business…
      website could be generating additional revenue 
      for your business and extra profit for your 

The "Perceived" Problems:

  It Costs Too Much and Takes Too Long to redesign my website.

I've spent a LOT of money on my website in the past and it has never
really produced any results for me.

It's Too Expensive to and Time Consuming to update and change my site
frequently or to include Online Video and other Web2.0 power-tools without
having the "know how" to do web design or programming myself!

The Guaranteed Solution: 

A "Lead Page Profit System" Web2.0 Site!

Your Own, Brand New, Professionally Designed, Web2.0 Website
That You Have 100% Control Over!

With your new Web2.0 site, now you can quickly and easily perform Instant Updates, Post Articles, Implement a BLOG, Interact with Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and others, Add Online Video, plus so much more!

If you can use email, work a word processor, and surf the web, then you can completely manage your website anytime, anywhere… even using your iPhone or G1 phone!

No matter how big or how small your business is… having a Web2.0 website is THE best way to use
the web to generate more new and repeat customers and help you grow your business.


Obviously you know times have changed and the landscape of small business marketing is completely different than it was just 3 years ago. You have to adapt and change with the times in order to successfully compete and survive in business today.

Equipping your business with a POWERFUL INTERACTIVE Web2.0 website will give you a strong strategic and competitive advantage over your competitors in your marketplace. 

It's become increasingly more important to position yourself and your company as "an authority" in your niche… And the web is one of the most influential tools you and your business can leverage to significantly accomplish this plus much more!

Have you been hoping for an affordable, all-in-one solution for instantly
improving your website…?  
Well, Hope No Longer!

Finally, an all-in-one website and blog combo system that's easy to use and does not cost a fortune!  Now you can have a complete and customized website and blog built within 10 business days or less!

Your POWERFUL Web2.0 Website contains all the functionality you need today PLUS the simple  "plug-n-play" ability to expand and grow as your needs do tomorrow and beyond… all using free and low-cost plugins.

Your entire system comes rolled into one amazing low cost package. The best part is that we kept the set up and monthly investment super low for this type of technology.  And even better… everything you see in our sample website is included at no additional cost!

CLICK HERE to See a few Sample Sites Now!
(sample link opens a new window)

This is not a lame empty "shell" website or a basic blank template with a bunch of empty pages… this is the real deal!  A professionally designed, completed website built with your customized information within 10 business days or less, including a blog, online video, and tons of additional Web2.0 Interactive features… at no additional charge.


When you become a client, you will receive world-class client attenion and support.  In addition, we also provide you with over 2 1/2 hours of online video training tutorials to help ensure you can easily learn how to quickly and easily manage your Web2.0 Website.

FIRE Your Webmaster For Good!  Say Goodbye to…

extensions321 Useless web builder tools that never work right.
extensions321 Webmasters that take weeks to make a change or addition to your website.
extensions321 The high cost of developing a professional website and blog with the latest Web2.0 technology.
extensions321 Companies that never get around to answering your support requests.
extensions321 Contracts (We Have No Stinkin' Contracts!  You Can Cancel At Anytime!)

So Much Included… Free, Free, Free…!

 Free Domain

 Free Hosting

 Free Email Addresses – Up to 50 Separate Accounts!

 Free Web-Based Email – Check Your Email From Anywhere in the World

 Free Blog

 Free Easy Website Builder Interface (Like Microsoft Word)

 Free Photo Gallery Section

 Free Detailed Traffic Stats Available Real Time 

 Free Web2.0 Plugins & Widgets for Additional Functionality & Interactivity – Dozens and Dozens you can simply add with "plug-n-play" ease!

 Free Online Appointment or Scheduling Calendar Embedded In Your Site.

 Free RSS Feeds – Allows Subscribers to Stay Updated Automatically

 Free Customer Care and Support and Training

 Free Transfer of Your Current Website Content Pages

 Free 2 1/2 Hours of Video Tutorials to Learn How To Manage Your Site

 Free Customization (We'll Add Your Business Specific About / Services / News, etc)

 Free "Social Media Sites Share" Tool Automatically Added to Each Page and Post – Making It EASY To Go Viral!

 Free Search Feature Built In – Allows Users to Find What They Need!

 Free Featured Video Section Built Into Design – Video Is Huge!

 Free Dynamic Home Page -  Add a New Post or Page and the Home Page Automatically Updates (by itself!)

 Free Search Engine Submission to Google, Yahoo, and MSN

 Free SEO Control – Quickly & Easily Perform Search Engine Optimization On Every Page or Post You Add To Your Site – This is RARE!

 Free Multiple Users – Set Up Employees as Administrators or Contributors to the Site To Help Manage Your Site.

 Free Utility to Password Protect a Page or Post

 Free Drop Down Menu Ability Built In

 Free Map and Directions to Your Establishment

 Free Auto-Updating Sections – Change an Area Of Your Site Once & It Updates Everywhere Else

 Free Simple Form Builder

 Free Online Polls Easily Added To Your Website – Quickly Survey Your Visitors To Find Out What They're Thinking!

 Plus so much more it'll make your make your 'brain melt'!

More Goodies You Should Know About…

 No Contracts

 Cancel At Anytime Without Penalty

 Set Yourself Apart From the Competition With a Dynamic Online Presence

 You Can Use Existing Domains Or Have Us Secure a New One For You

 FTP Access – Have a PDF or Squeeze Page That You Need Hosted?  Just Upload It!

 Add On Services Available to Further Enhance Your Website and Blog

 We offer a "Nothing to Lose" Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

 Free Tie-in To Your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, & LinkedIn Profiles – Increase Your Exposure!


What Is This New Web2.0 World Anyway…
and Why Should You Care?

Obviously, the world has changed! This new Web2.0 World is entirely different than anytime in human history.  You know that everyone is connected by at most 6 degrees of separation.  Well today, those connections can be seen, used, and tapped into using just your mouse.  Your website MUST interact with this new world and connect your customers and prospects easily and efficiently to each other and you. 

Here's a great illustration that depicts the new Web2.0 World You Live In!
Your Business Needs To Get Connected

I Know What You're Thinking, "…WOW!"  Good, Bad, or Indifferent… It's True. 
This is 2009 and We're Modernizing and Mobilizing Faster and Faster… 

Apparently figuring out how to keep up (instead of playing "catch up") is important to you, so to help, we've also provided a healthy dose of…

Here are the Top 28 Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers Just For You! 
(Use the little RED "X" @ the bottom-right of the FAQ screen  to close window when done)

Slowly review every word on this page to ensure you understand the true value of what you are getting!  Additionally, we've addessed the top FAQs right here for you… and if there's any we missed, simply email or call us directly (650) 515-4654 for the answer.

Ok… the time for decision making has come!  This is the perfect chance to get a powerful & new Web2.0 website and blog for a tiny investment.  With our 100% risk free guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.  So click the "Get Started Right Now!" button, or click here.

With everything included (free domain, free hosting, free dynamic home page, free content pages, free featured video section and so much more…) this should truly be a program you try!

There's nothing to lose.  Get started right now.  In 10 days time (or less) you will have a professional website and blog that you can showcase to your clients and prospects. 

Great!  We've made it unbelievely simple, quick and easy to get things going.  Just click the green "Get Started Now" button above (or click here), review and complete the order form on the next page.  You'll receive a link to complete the "Getting Started Checklist"  and 10 days later, your powerful & new Web2.0 site is up and running and building relationships and generating revenue for your business.


Private Membership Training Website. 

24/7 access to Extensive Video Library covering virtually every aspect of Internet Marketing Profit and Traffic generation strategies, tactics, techniques, software, and resources for your small business to leverage.  "You will gain a truly UNFAIR Competitive Advantage over your competition when promoting your business locally online and in your local marketplace."  (Value $97 per mo.)

Click here to get going right now!

Your Business Must Be On The Internet In Order To
Compete and Survive!

I'm sure you realize that the Internet is quickly replacing the Yellow Pages when customers are looking for local businesses. Every day, people in your local area are searching the Internet for a local business like yours.  For your businesses to compete and survive in today's marketplace you need a Web2.0 website because not any website will do.

You need a Web2.0 website that's interactive, and is a "Marketing Machine" that works tireless on getting you more new customers and clients.  One that the Search Engines love allowing you to easily be seen by the people in your area who are looking for your kind of business.

These potential customers are looking for a business like yours, the question is will they find you, or will they find your competitors?

It doesn't matter if you are a plumber, a hair stylist, restaurant, retail store, or professional service provider… your customers and clients expect you to be easily found online, if you don't you are losing money.

You could have the greatest website in the world, but if nobody can find it, it's not going to do you much good. That's the problem for many small businesses, they have a friend, website designer or relative design them a website, but don't help at all with the marketing.

Relax… we'll design your site from the start to Rank High Locally in the Search Engines in order to get your business noticed.

Take a look at the screen shot below. Out of over 613,000 results relating to a South San Francisco Chiropractor… our client achieves top ranking placement on Google!

That's what we can do for you. We will build you an attractive, informative, and interactive Web2.0 website that Ranks At The Top of The Search Engines and you are going to get more exposure, more customers and more profits.

Our Web2.0 Site Upgrade / Re-Design and Marketing Package Is A
Wise Business Investment You Can't Afford To Miss.

For less than the cost of a small newspaper or Yellow Page ad, you can own a website that will be online and marketing your business 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Get started today.

Click here to get going right now!

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